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How Crazy Am I to Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?

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MH370 pilot practised suicide route into the Indian Ocean

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MH Essay two long-range commercial jets, resumed their search Saturday morning to find any trace of the objects, amid some skepticism that they or ships in the area ever will and, if they do, that whatever they find will be related to the missing aircraft.

An ice shelf is a floating extension of land ice. The Antarctic continent is surrounded by ice shelves. They cover > million km 2 (an area the size of Greenland)[1], fringing 75% of Antarctica’s coastline, covering 11% of its total area and receiving 20% of its snow.

The difference between sea ice and ice shelves is that sea ice is free-floating; the sea freezes and unfreezes each year.

MH370 search vessel ‘disappears’ for three days Mh370 essay
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