Integrating sources and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing

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Using Sources

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Integrating Writing: Avoiding Plagiarism

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How to avoid plagiarism

Graduate Resource Center. Graduate Resource Center. “Like other academic practices, plagiarism has a history. “ -- Andre Wakefield, The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 14, Effective writers integrate quotations into their writing in a variety of ways.

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The Manual of Style (MoS or MOS) is the style manual for all Wikipedia articles.

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This primary page is supported by further detail pages, which are cross-referenced here and listed at Wikipedia:Manual of Style/ any contradiction arises, this page always has precedence. The MoS presents Wikipedia's house style, to help editors write articles with consistent and precise language.

Integrating Sources In general, you should strive to make your presence known in your writing and not let your sources of information dominate the content. To do this, you must be the stage manager. Article Analysis: It Doesn't Matter - ABSTRACT: The evolution of Information Technology acted like a thrust in boosting the business.

Many organizations invested lot of money to build IT infrastructure and analysis also indicates a rise in the percentage of amount that companies are investing in IT.

Integrating sources and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing
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