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One of the factors regarding the war in Sudan was primarily for the oil in south Sudan. History of Slavery in Sudan 1The New Sudan African Society (NSAS) (n/5(4).

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Siege of Khartoum: Siege of Khartoum (March 13, –January 26, ), military blockade of the capital of the Sudan by the Mahdists. The city was defended by an Egyptian garrison under British General Charles Gordon. After being refused British support, Gordon was killed and the city was lost to the Mahdists.

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Slavery is a social-economic system under which persons are enslaved: deprived of personal freedom and forced to perform labor or services without compensation. These people are referred to as slaves.

The following is a list of historical people who were enslaved at some point during their lives, in alphabetical order by first name.

Several names have been added under the letter representing.

Essay sudan history
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