Authorial voice academic writing

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Style and authorial voice

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Authorial Voice

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Academic Writing and Authorial Voice

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Authorial Voice

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For the study, we selected representative samples from a variety of writing. Introducing novice L2 research writers to the Engagement framework offered them a meta-language for talking about authorial voice, and developing the meta-language was an integral aspect of helping them reflect on the choices available to present an assertive stance in their advanced research writing.

The research investigates academic writing in a second language, exploring daunting challenges for second language (L2) writers; specifically, the challenges of authorial stance‐taking in research writing.

In terms of writing a book, authorial voice is the specific stamp in terms of style, language, cadence, and tone that an author places on his or her work – the implication is that an author is the “voice” behind the plot and the characters. The presence of authorial voice in academic writing is particularly difficult for the student writer to accomplish when constructing an essay based on mUltiple texts.

I shall show that plagiarism is an elusive concept, difficult to define, meaning different things.

Chapter 3: Academic Writing and Authorial Voice

This article analyses a specific genre parameter – the authorial voice – in two included and contiguous academic genres within a corpus of abstracts and acknowledgements from PhD dissertations of the University of Coimbra.

Authorial voice academic writing
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